Advanced integration

ARender personalization

By default, ARender exposes a subset of features to annotate, browse documents, upload new documents, etc…

It is probable that this subset will not entirely fit your need. If it does not, there are two options for you.

ARender Profiles

ARender profiles are a Front end server side logic of configuration that is then propagated to each end user.

A profile defines a set of properties customizing ARender default look and feel, or even alter some features behavior.

ARender always have a default profile, named accordingly arender-default. This one cannot be altered.

ARender always have an empty profile, named arender. This one can be altered, and every property overridden in this profile will override the one in arender-default.

To change profiles, simply call ARender with an additional URL parameter
“?props=<profile_name>”. Profiles can be placed anywhere in your Web application server classpath.

A full documentation of all ARender profile properties is available in the documentation, containing buttons enabling/disabling, default coloring, etc…

ARender JavaScript customization

ARender accepts to run a custom JavaScript file during the application loading time to provide this custom JavaScripta reference to ARender JavaScript API.

Once your program has this reference, you can hide/show buttons (using the changeConfigurableElement method), you can open/close documents, open/close some panels of ARender interface, etc…

Please refer to the full JavaScript API documentation to have more details regarding this topic.