• Key: visualization
    Description Property key Type
    Visualization mode mode Simple, BookMode
    Fullscreen mode at startup fullscreen Boolean
    Activate save page rotation Boolean
    Autoplay videos video.autoplay Boolean


  • Key: zoom
    Description Property key Type
    Zoom type type FullWidth, FullHeight or FullPage
    Zoom value value Integer (%)
    Enable zoom animation animation Boolean

Page change

  • Key: pageChange

    Description Property key Type
    Changement de page au scroll de la souris mouse Boolean
    Activation de l’animation au changement de page animation Boolean
    • Key: pageCorner

      Only when visualization.bookMode=true

      Description Key parameter Type
      Activate page corners enabled Boolean
      Activate page corners animation animation Boolean

Guide ruler

  • Key: guideRuler
    Description Key parameter Type
    Activate guide ruler enabled Boolean
    Guide ruler height height Integer
    Guide ruler step increment Integer


  • Key: multiview
    Description Key parameter Type
    Activate multiview enabled Boolean
    Multiview orientation direction vertical , horizontal
    Activate document compare doComparison Boolean
    Display multiview on startup showOnStart Boolean
    Synchronized multiview scroll synchronized Boolean
    Activate the focus of the document by click focusOnClick Boolean
    Configure the time to hide the multiview header header.timeoutMs Long


  • Key: toaster

    Description Key parameter Type
    Activate notifications for the chosen level LVL_KEY.enabled Boolean
    Hide automatically the notif for the chosen level LVL_KEY.autoHide Boolean
    Time elapsed before hiding the notification toast.timeout Integer (ms)
    Display the newest notification on top of the stack toast.newestOnTop Boolean
    • level keys
      Level Key
      Severe log.severe
      Warning log.warning
      Config log.config
      fine log.fine
      finer log.finer
      finest log.finest